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What is FSSAI Registration ( FSSAI Licence)

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of Asian nation|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} (FSSAI) may be a legal authority that provides a food licence to all or any food business operators (FBO) in India. All the FBOs should follow all the principles and laws of FSSAI for food internal control. Associate degree Every FBO needs a FSSAI License or Registration and it all depends upon sure factors, just like the size of production, the managing nature of food business activities, and the variety of operations. Within the FSSAI Registration method, the FBO can get a fourteen digit variety that has to be written on food packages. FSSAI Registration ensures the safety of food products and it's basically a food safety certificate circulated by the food authority in India. All manufacturers, traders, restaurants, grocery stores, importers, exporters, and so on are eligible to obtain a FSSAI license. FSSAI Licensing assures that food products undergo specific quality checks, thereby decreasing the cases of adulteration and substandard products. Bandhu e-Services provides FSSAI online registration and licenses everywhere in India. If you're curious about the food business in Old Delhi, we will assist you to urge an FSSAI License, which might enhance the standard of your food.

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FSSAI Licence Number

The FSSAI emblem and FSSAI registration number are continually mentioned on the label of the food package in inverse color to the background. In the case of various units, the manufacturer or packer, the FSSAI emblem, and the registration number of the complete owner should be mentioned on the label of the food package. The addresses of the assorted units on the label should carry the FSSAI registration number.
In the case of imported food product, the bourgeois should show the FSSAI emblem and FSSAI licence number with the name and address of the bourgeois. These might each be pre-printed on the label or hooked up by a sticker before customs clearance. The registration number’s peak of letters and numerals must be as specified in 2.3.3 of Food Safety and Standards, i.e., Packaging and Labelling Regulation, 2011.
Regulation 2.6.1 of Food Safety and Standards has relevancy to this FSSAI number and emblem. The image of the FSSAI emblem on the label of the food isn’t a mark of certification however it implies that the FBO includes a sound license underneath the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

FSSAI License Renewal

The food licence assigned has a one-year validity period and can be extended for up to five years by the food regulating body. The instant licence validity gets invalid, the food business operator becomes chargeable for an FSSAI licence renewal. The FSSAI renewal system is manageable and will be taken into account as presently as attainable to avoid penalties. FSSAI has released pointers that state that in thirty days and before the termination of the license, the food safety registration needs to be revived.

                Documentation Required-

  • Form A or B, as required
  • The declaration by the businessman or director, that they’re going to go with the updated rules underneath FSSAI
  • Photo ID proof of the Proprietor or Director
FSSAI officers can check the small print given within the form. They could even visit and conduct an inquiry into the premises and examine the machinery and instrumentality. They’ll monitor the performance and validity of the Food Safety Management System, whether or not it’s become obsolete. They’ll investigate whether the documents and details given within the type are official or not.

If the FSSAI officers are happy with their inquiries And see that the rules of the FSSAI are being adopted totally. Your FSSAI License can be renewed. Again, the utmost amount of time it’d be valid for is five years.

Validity Time of FSSAI Licence

FSSAI licence validity stretches from one to five years. As per the FSSAI rules, the food business operator is needed to apply for the renewal of the licence in thirty days and it ought to be renewed before its expiration. Any FSSAI renewal application filed exceptional the end date needs to pay a late fee of Rs.100 per day for every day of delay. So, it’s essential for all food business operators to trace and assure that their FSSAI license is valid on every occasion.

Food Licence Procedure

Complete a Simple Form

You need to fill out our FSSAI form and supply details regarding your food business.

Send your Documents

You need to email us the specified documents so that we can produce your FSSAI type A and type B.


Documents Submission

Our CS/CA will submit your FSSAI License application, along with other declarations, to the local FBO.


FSSAI license Issued

We will mail you the license, which can act as a food license, once regular follow-ups with the food safety department.

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Documents Required For Food Licence


Steps for getting the Food license

Benefits of applying for FSSAI Registration

All FBOs should understand that a FSSAI licence adds the good thing of a reliable and loyal client base.

FSSAI Registration is finished below the restrictive body FSSAI, and legal proceedings are often taken for any non-compliance.

FSSAI logo could be a mark of validity associated with an assurance to your customers that the food is safe to consume.

Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) goodwill can be used to build a business that is easy to expand.


FSSAI registration or licence is necessary for all kinds of food business operators in India, whether or not they are transporters, distributors, makers, or caterers, etc. There are three varieties of registration out there, depending upon the annual turnover and sort of the institutions or businesses.
FSSAI Registration may be a basic licence and it’s needed for all the FBO concerned within the small-scale food business. This class covers the subsequent businesses: Any FBO with an associate degree has an annual turnover of not more than Rs. 12 lakh.
The documents required for FSSAI registration are:
  • Photo of Food Business Operator.
  • Identity Document Proof-like Ration Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card, DL, Passport, Aadhar Card, senior citizen Card, Department Issued ID.
  • Supporting Documents (if any): Municipal or Council NOC, Health NOC.

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