BDA was constituted on 1st Sept, 1983 under provisions of ODA Act, 1982. Initially, 115 revenue villages of Bhubaneswar, Khordha and Jatni were taken into its jurisdiction, but due to bifurcation and inclusion of new villages, at present the number of villages under its jurisdiction stands at 556. BDA is working towards ensuring sustainable urban growth and planned development with effective monitoring, regulations through a people-centric and innovative approach. BDA has also prepared a Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) in 2010 and later Zonal Development Plans to ensure better and effective micro-level planning. Apart from implementing schemes like Area Development Plan and Town Planning Schemes, BDA also plans to ensure nearly 10,000 houses for the slum population across the city as part of affordable housing projects.

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  • To undertake works pertaining to construction of housing colonies, shopping centres, markets, industrial estates and provide public amenities.
  • To prepare development plans including zonal development plans.
  • To regulate development and use of land including private land.
  • To undertake schemes for improvement and clearance of slums and re-development programmes.
  • To enhance the green cover of the city by taking up mass plantation programmes.


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Your FSSAI License application along with other declarations are filed to the local FBO by our CS/ CA.


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We will mail you the license which will act as a food license, after regular follows ups with the food safety department.

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RERA Registration is a registration covered under the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act. RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Authority which was established to regularize the problems that subsist in the real estate sector. Before Advertising, Marketing, Book, sells or, offers for sale or, invite persons to invest in any plot, apartment, or building is it mandatory to get the RERA registration. It is done in order to accompany with the bellow mentioned dependability.


Filing The RERA Registration Form

The applicant shall make an application in the respective form (Varies from state to state) to the authority along with the requisite details and documents.


Submission Of Requisite Documents

The applicant shall make an application in the respective form (Varies from state to state) to the authority along with the requisite details and documents.




Acceptance Or Rejection By The Authority

The authority will either accept or reject the application within 30 days of receipt of such application form. In case no revert is provided, it will be considered as acceptance from the authority.


Issuance Of Registration Certificate

The authority shall issue a registration certificate to the promoter or the agent.

Documents Required for RERA registration

  • PAN
  • Permanent address proof.
  • Details of real estate agent enterprise, if applicable which includes its name, registered address, type of enterprise, proprietorship, societies, co-operative society, partnership, companies, etc.
  • Particulars of registration of the enterprise, if applicable such as the bye-laws, memorandum of association, articles of association etc. as the case may be.



The process of RERA Registration is done state-wise and hence varies from state to state. The process of registration is online, and the application is filed from the official website of the state in which registration is required to be done.

  1. If the agent commits any default, he shall be liable for a penalty of Rs 10000 per day that can extend to 5% of the cost of the plot or building.


  1. In case any unfair trade practices are conducted by the agent, he shall be liable for punishment by way of 1-year imprisonment.

Below mentioned projects are not required to be registered under the RERA Act-


  1. Where the area of the land does not exceed 500 square meters or the number of apartments does not exceed 8 (eight),


  1. Where the work involved is restricted only to-


Renovation or Repair or Re-development

Also, it does not involve marketing, advertising, selling, or new allotment of any apartment, plot, or building.

  1. Where the Promoter has obtained a completion certificate for a Real estate project before the commencement of RERA.


Under what Circumstances the RERA Registration can be Revoked?

RERA specifies various compliances concerning real estate project. If the promoter or the agent has not complied with the rules and regulations, the registration of an already registered real estate project may get revoked.


Further, the Authority may revoke a registration based on a complaint received or Suo moto by the Authority by giving 30 days’ notice in writing to the Promoter of such real estate project explaining the basis of proposed revocation and directing the registration holder to show cause as to why the registration should not be revoked.


Based on the promoter’s reply, the Authority may allow it to be registered or may cancel the registration. Show cause notice is sent by the authority on the below-mentioned grounds-


Default is done by the promoter under RERA.

If the Promotor breaches any terms and conditions of the approval granted by the Authority.

If the Promotor is engaged in any kind of unfair practice or irregularities.

If the Promoter is involved in any fraudulent practices.


BDA is the largest land developer, and its permission is mandatory to develop any land in the Bangalore Metropolitan Region. The state Town Planning Department assists BDA in preparing the Master Plan for Bengaluru Metropolitan Area, layout plans and approving development plans for layouts and group housing schemes.

That’s why installing a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) system, often called a signal booster, is critical for commercial buildings today. A BDA or signal booster system provides reliable two-way radio and public safety signal coverage inside buildings, tunnels, and structures.